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  August 2020.


It Is with great regret our very popular Rock & Minerals Fest Will have to be cancelled.

However we will do our very best to welcome all visitors to come and enjoy these three days by having other activities available.  Our place will open for you all.



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1 Lobwein Road
Kybong Via Gympie Qld
Tel 61 7 5483 5252

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Our Famous Rockfest!

Every August, collectors, fossickers, friends and families gather on our property for our very popular 'Rockfest'. This is three days of fun for all those interested in our great hobby. Be sure to put it in your calendar for next year! Come and visit..

There will be displays, sales and demonstrations. Camping on site or at nearby caravan parks or motels. A weekend of food, fun and friendship!

Our next popular Rock & Mineral fest is on the

     Friday 31st July - 1st August - second August 2020   Please Book your site early.

See registration form down below. Print it and send with your details.

A look at one of our past Rock & Mineral fests over the past few years.

               Once again our annual Rockfest was a huge success. This Fest has grown From an idea to get Rockhounds together for a fun-filled three day campout to a huge event. Stall holders from around Australia attended this year for the campout. The weather was perfect and sunny as Queensland mostly is! 
A large crowd of spectators visited the Fest to stock up on the variety of rocks, fossils, and minerals that were available from the many stall holders.  Entertainment was supplied by local bands, artists demonstrating  pottery, gold panning, cartoon portraits, crystal healers, massage, Reiki and lots more. This year we enjoyed talks on rocks and minerals by a famous British geologist on how they were formed by molten lava from deep below the earth spewed up by volcanic eruptions, and a Dutch palaeontologist who explained which bone fits where in prehistoric birds and animals. At night huge campfires were lit with wine and song by the many Rockhounds attending.  The atmosphere for the weekend was an unbelievably happy one.  We all look forward to next year's Fest on first weekend in August, 2-3-4th August 2019.
Thank you Rockhounds for making this event the most popular in Queensland.   John & Team.


The very popular ,AVALON' band kept the crowd rocking!

 Making dream catchers with Milly at the Fest.

 ,The Gympie Gem Club'at the show.




             Kybong Rocks & Minerals Festival 2017.

From the Cooloola rocks team we would like to sincerely thank everyone who helped in making it the HUGE event it was. A few things did not result to our liking but overall it turned out a great enjoyable festival. Near 100 stall sites and thousands of visitors crowded Kybong for three great days full of enjoyment and entertainment. Thank you to all you lovely people we hope to see you all here once again in the year 2019 


Cooloola Rocks & Minerals invite you and your family to our very popular Kybong Rock & Minerals Fest to be held on


Add this date to your calendar for three days of rock hounding fun.

  Stallholders:  As usual we advise people to book their sites early but please let us know so we can organise stall sites

(see entree form below).

 Last minute entries can be accommodated but may loose their normal sites so book early please.

  It would be advisable to set up Thursday 2nd August , a day before the show as bookings are already heavy this year.

 CLUBS: You are most welcome to take this opportunity for one, two or three days of fund raising activities for your club or organisation.

        For the general public it is a wonderland of Gems, Opals, Minerals, Crystals, Jewellery Fossils and Rocks rough and polished lapidary supplies, Demonstrations, Local Crafts ect. People come to find out where to fossick and how to cut and polish rocks to create a lovely piece of jewellery or add a treasure to their collection. By all means bring the kids they will love it!

   There will be plenty of entertainment for everyone daily for young and old.

A full three day program will be supplied at a later stage.

 Gem sieving, Demonstrations, Panning for real gold, Lucky dips ect ect

FOOD at the canteen, Hot Dogs, Hot Chips, Pies, Sausage rolls, Sandwiches, Hot & cold drinks and a Coffee Van available all week-end.

 Breakfast and Diner catered for, Menu available.

               For stallholders and campers there are the necessary facilities like hot water, showers and toilets. Remember you are in the country!! More details can be accessed on our website   in the menu on our Home Page or you can e-mail us for bookings or phone(07) 5483 5252 

        There are no restrictions on what you can sell but

 We expect common courtesy and respect for property.

        Hoping to see you all here and share in the fun of the fest.

John Steenbergen & Team.

1 Lobwein Road,Kybong, Qld 4570

 Our flyer for this year  -- Rockfest 2019



Print this Flyer  -     Cut -  Send to rockfest 2019  1 Lobwein Road Kybong, Qld  Aust 4570.

 0r simply email  and book your site. PLEASE BOOK EARLY!  

To all our rockhound friends old and new we are hoping to see you all again at our 2020 Rock & Minerals Fest.

Place this date on your calendar for the fest of the year.  

Dates are 31st July - 1st August - 2nd August - 2020

Setting up Thursday 30th July August 2020/

We will try our very best to make the show another three days of rocking fun for all.       

   Contact us! Phone 07 54835252

 Rockfest 2020.