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John & Cecile Steenbergen
1 Lobwein Road
Kybong Via Gympie Qld
Tel 61 7 5483 5252


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290,000 listed
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Artprice,190,000 listed /artists in fine art.

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Australian minerals, crystals, gemstones, rocks and fossils





 Your #1 Source for Outstanding Australian and World Wide Minerals,
Crystals and Rocks.


 Newly added  Natural Crystals & Minerals for Collectors & Crystal Healers.

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We now have in store many new items including

Moldavite, Celestite, Stunning mineral display specimens, Labradorite, Amazing Pietersite, Quartz crystals, Malachite. Huge variety of tumbled stones, Spheres, Fossils and lots more.

                                                          Please check out our new major updates for  NOW 5000 SPECIMENS on sale on both websites ! There is always something new and exciting!  Beautiful Australian and world wide minerals, crystals, gemstones,  fossils and rocks, from tiny to HUGE extra special museum size specimens. Interested .. ?
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Australian Minerals, Crystals, Gemstones, Fossils, Rocks.

Coolrocks invites every one to have a look at our new website which is now up and running .This website is the latest in technology and indeed a pleasure to browse through the many pages of beautiful rocks, Minerals. Fossils, Art  ect.  We keep on rocking on!

  Check our latest updates on both websites new items added on every page.

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                     Cooloola Rocks and Minerals  are  Australia's premier suppliers of quality Australian minerals, crystals, gemstones, fossils, thunder eggs, agates  as well as a massive selection of rocks and minerals from hundreds of the best world mining locations.     

                    Australian Fossils and W W Fossils !!!   

Our next Rock & Mineral fest is  the 4 - 5 - 6 th August 2017 Book your site early and be in the fun of the fest!  Please phone or email us!   Info@coolrocks.com.au


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knows best!

Our wonderful mineral world.



Cooloola Rocks & Minerals.

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